What Are The Average Utility Bills

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Hey there everybody, it’s JR. Here in beautiful Eustis! It’s a gorgeous afternoon in the fall… unless
you’re watching this in the winter or summer. It’s still probably gorgeous because it’s
Florida! Am I right? So, the question that I get is, “What are
the average Utility Bills in this house?” Now that question can be answered! Typically you can contact the utility company
and you can get an average or a record of the monthly bills for utilities. Or you can ask the current owner what their
average bills are, but keep in mind that people use electricity differently. If you have more people, fewer people, you
like to leave all the lights on, you leave the lights off, you like the air at 78, they
liked it at 65 – so all of those things can come play a role. Just keep that in mind when you’re looking
at those, and I guess, adjust those numbers based on how you feel necessary.

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