What’s Electricity? – ETTALEB Elmahdi

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let me tell you a story this is the story of a world without any internet without any computers without any phones was this life seemed impossible for you when this is what life without electricity would look like [Music] [Music] every single object around you is made up of tiny little particles so small you cannot see the movie Rowan Alice called atoms [Music] atoms are made up of two things a nucleus that is positively charged and electrons that are negatively charged positive charges and negative charges will always attract each other in some atoms like helium for example this attractive force is very strong between all the atoms especially metals like copper one of the electrons is so weakly attracted to the nucleus but any tiny force will break them apart one interesting property of materials that have this free electron is that if you push an electron at one end of the wire then that force will transmit to every single electron inside that material until it reaches the other end of the wire [Music] this force that pushes the electrons is what we call voltage or electro-motive force and this ley makes sense it’s a force that moves electrons this force can have many sources such as batteries solar panels or big massive hydroelectric dams this force that pushes electrons through a wire is very similar to the force that pushes water through a tool this force comes from a pump the electro-motive force comes from battery and just like with water we can count how much water is flowing through a tube during a period of time we can do the exact same with electricity we can count how many electrons are flowing through a wire every seven this is what we call electrical currents and finally we have resistance just like if you have a very narrow hole water will have a lot of difficulty to move through it if you have a very narrow wire electricity you will find difficulties to go through this the material also affects resistance a copper wire will let electricity flow through much more easily than for example ceramic or carbon thank you for watching I hope you understood and have a nice day

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