Where Does The Sun Get Its Energy?


it’s another beautiful day in Sydney I’m out enjoying the Sun and looking to find out if anyone knows Why the Sun shines? So the sun gives us a lot of … ?
– Heat? Sunshine? Provides energy (yes) heat energy Where is the sun get that energy from? I have no idea Some kind of chemical reaction… Mmmmmmmm… yeah gas explosions Does it burn gas? – It burns gases?
– It’s burning air
– Fire The fire that’s on the sun But is the Sun really a giant ball of
fire I mean wouldn’t go out after five
billion years? This is one of the things that you just assume you know, but you don’t actually know So in this bucket I have the components
of the Sun Well, I have protons and neutrons There’s some electrons but I didn’t
bring them Most of the Sun is actually protons
– OK So what the protons does in the Sun
– It’s dance together yeah Okay okay
Like this When they come close, you know what they do? They just …
– Colide
Actually they bounce off each other I’m coming in…
– UOOOOOOH Why the protons bounce off each other?
– Something about the electrons …. Positive and negative eletrons? Cause they don’t like each other
– They don’t like each other That’s because a proton needs a neutron, right? You know why they… they repel like that? -Magnetic force? The repelling magnetic type thing? Magnetic field, uh? -Electric field. Positives and negatives. Positive and Negative It’s to do with the positive negative, right? We got protons, protons are? *Positive* -They’re positively charged -Yeah so the positives repel each other, ok? This is why its so important that the sun’s hot Cause if the sun is hot enough it gets these things moving so fast, that sometimes they can’t avoid a collision -ok -And when they get too close they actually go *Pshh* *Pshh* *Pshh* *Pshh* -Smash the protons
-Positive? -Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
No, no, no, sma… ahhh and now they’re stuck together and you saw what happened when they smashed together What happened?
-They Leaked
-They Leaked *Pshh*
is that energy? -Yeah
-Sick Well the water poured out, but I guess energy would have poured out then. -The energy came out
-The energy came out! what was the energy before it was energy? -Kinetic energy?
-Stored energy. So what’s happening there? -It’s releasing some mass… like lighting?
-Yeah, yeah, and that mass is, uh? -It’s converted as energy, yeah It was the mass of the proton
-(Ahhh!) When the protons smashed together they got lighter! -Yeah, yeah, yeah And they lost that mass and the mass was converted energy -Yeah, yeah
-You know the famous equation about that? -(E=mc^2)
-Yeah! E=mc^2? ?????
(French) have your the famous
equation -which? process proton makes energy? Well.. Ha ha ha ha E=mc^2 squared? Yes? So what’s E? The Sun, I don’t know, ha ha ha -E, E is energy, um m is *mass* C is..
-Cassidy Kelvin? I don’t remembers what C means… So c is… The speed of light -Speed of light? no, right? really
-Yeah -Oh, I thought it was something different
-Isn’t that weird? The speed of light. (Right, Ahh) (Wow, no wonder we jumped science) it seems most people have a tough time
remembering that C is for the speed of light maybe that’s because C is a bit of
a strange letter to represent a speed in fact in Einstein’s original paper he used the letter V for velocity of light but nowadays
everyone uses the letter C for constant it’s a constant of the
universe the speed of light though some people claim the letter C
stands for celeritas the Latin word for swiftness What is
that equation telling us about energy and mass? Energy equals constant mass? The mass and the energy… combine together, create the energy Ha ha ha ha it’s basically saying like this mass that comes out
-yeah gets converted to a lot of energy And the speed of light is a huge number -Yeah
-If you think about that, a tiny bit of mass is a huge amount of energy so every second the Sun is actually
losing 4.3 billion kilograms every second
-every second? -That amount of mass is being converted into -energy In the Sun hydrogen fuses together to form helium but, that’s a little confusing because how out of only protons do we create a
helium nucleus which has two protons and two neutrons well the thing is when the first two smash together one up the protons
actually emits a positron and a neutrino and quickly becomes a neutron next thing
that happens is another proton smashes in
*Pshh* and again we get more energy released now if two particles like this collide *Pshh*
they emit two protons and what we’re left with is a helium 4 nucleus there you have hydrogen fused into helium and a lot of mass lost, a lot of energy hehehe if you wanna know more about fusion in
the Sun check out this video by minute physics it explains how the protons can fuse
even though they’re not really going fast enough to overcome their repulsion (…for fusion will fuse together anyway) (and the Sun is so big it has so much
hydrogen that these small chances happen all the time)

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  1. Xeno Bardock says:

    The Sun gets its energy from galactic birkeland currents from galactic center coming via Orion Arm and entering the poles of the Sun. The Sun is externally powered. People really should learn about Electric Sun model. Forget the Nuclear Fusion model. Fusion is merely a small part of the Sun. The Sun is primarily a ball of plasma powered by electricity.

  2. blingtexnone says:

    dude these people are really that dumb or u convince them to act that dumb ?

  3. Rietchie Candelaria says:

    How these bunch of protons that in the first place repel each other been clumped together?nah

  4. Rietchie Candelaria says:

    How did they get samples of the sun to tell that there's helium there?

  5. Multicellunair TM says:

    Reminds me of sex actually

  6. Vortex Gaming says:

    I love how you can tell that these aren't Americans. Americans are so stupid😂😂.

  7. Darrell Covello says:

    Why did you not mention it is the speed of light SQUARED? C x C

  8. 10k Subscribers Before 2020 says:

    It gets it from Thanos.

  9. Ernest Kapesa says:

    Please never stop making these videos

  10. Cassidy Eckman says:

    “Is that energy” “Sick”

  11. Boy Say says:

    it was a great day ,I was walking in the park
    suddenly a man came and start asking about physics , chemistry

  12. vio tato says:

    yo your videos help me so much with school i hope you continue making these very educational videos for people like us who are very eager in learning. Thanks so much Derek

  13. Jim says:

    I'm super late, but wouldn't celeritas be associated with acceleration? Not Kaleritas, but Seleritas? If you follow my intended pronunciations.

  14. bhakto ke jijaji says:

    My life is fucked up after watching this video

  15. 8891 Z says:

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  16. soinite says:

    This clears out the problem i was having, thank you 💪

  17. Louix Griego says:

    You have an excellent way of explaining science. Thank you.

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  20. Ervjun Albania says:

    Best explanation ever. . . The first time i really understood that the sun is

  21. Ansh Deo says:

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  22. The Electric View says:

    From the outside, like all stars, like the aurora, like the ionosphere… Just like we build in the lab.

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  33. Alex Powers says:

    So my dumb question for the day is how many kg of H2 are required to run a sun for billions of years, and does the math support the theory based on the apparent sun's volume?

  34. Konráð Arthúrsson says:

    Along with the proton-proton chain, there is also the CNO cycle, in which it also forms a helium nucleus from hydrogen, but involves Carbon, Nitrogen and oxygen.

  35. Vincent DESJARDINS says:

    doing these videos (plus being objectively charming) seems like a great way to pick up girls ! cute blonde developed an interrest in physics she never suspected …

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  37. Chakshu Chauhan says:

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  38. Juho Kaartoaho says:

    So sun is basically same as me as in I convert my mass to energy to live, except my fat ass just keeps lobbing in more fuel to burn.

  39. morteza karimzadeh says:

    So is the Sun depleting?
    will it be depleted completely someday eventually?

  40. Onehappydawg says:

    Riddle me this, the sun has been around for 4.5 billion years. We have known for some time now how much mass the sun loses, in this video he even says that it loses 4.3 billion kg of mass every second. The earth is also said to be about 4.5 billion years old. So if we take the calculation of the mass lost from the sun and run that backwards into the past some 4.5 billion years that would put the size of the sun way out by Saturn. So how is it that the earth or anything around the sun at that size exists or is at least said to exist 4.5 billion years ago?
    I think this is a legitimate question.

  41. Khushi Chanllawala says:

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  50. Fat Unicorn says:

    Wrong! The sun is super heated plasma that gets its energy from electricity. See:

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    end of the hydrogen store… end of this world… this is The Loard Buddha said as Loka Winasha….

  58. RoboGraham says:

    I'm surprised he didn't mention gravity. The protons crash into each other because the hydrogen is extremely dense because the sun has an enormous amount of mass and enormously strong gravitational pull.

  59. Lee Maitland says:

    I noticed that you didn't mention gravity, the mass of the stuff in the sun is the reason for such strong gravity which fuses the protons and neutrons together, overcoming their repulsion. Granted, what causes the heat and light is fusion, but what causes the fusion is really just mass and gravity. Great video though as always, it's a shame that more people are not engaged in the sciences.

  60. GLR says:

    Man people know nothing at all

  61. kok fah chong says:

    Einstein's famous equation, E=mc^2 is wrong otherwise garbage also can be used to make nuclear bombs as long as it is matter or it  has mass. Energy and matter can't interchange one another according to Einstein's famous equation. One  must have photons before one can emit out photons. Photons are particles and they have mass. All forms of EMWs including light and heat are dynamic photons per volume per time in different saturations. To construct a larger , denser nucleus required input of more energy rather than emitting  out energy in order to overcome stronger repulsive forces among more number of protons within the nucleus. In short, fusion process will consume energy rather than emitting out energy. The sun emitting out heat and light through fission on its abundant radioisotopes within its core. Proton emission and alpha emission on decaying radioisotopes will produce hydrogen and helium gases respectively. Therefore the atmosphere of all stars is filled with abundant hydrogen and helium gases. Even the upper atmosphere of the earth is also filled with abundant hydrogen and helium gases that derived from decaying radioisotopes within the core of the earth through proton emission and alpha emission respectively. If you are interested in real discoveries, I would recommend you to read my book, The Unification Theory – Volume One and you will be amazed with lots of new, interesting discoveries. In God I trust.

  62. jubayer alam says:

    Did you too feel that you are much more genius than the people in the video?

  63. stelley08 says:

    How can the sun lose 4.3 billion kgs a second? Does it gain it back instantaneously?

  64. Tech Tricks says:

    Is air is present on sun . because fire need air and sun is burning

  65. Pradeep Yadav says:

    Why matter convert into energy? can't we simply assume that mass itself is made up of energy when a lot of energy is packed in a small space it forms matter and when matter disrupt into tiny particles like photons neutrinos then we say it's energy that is released by mass converting into energy what if matter is nothing but combination of tiny photones neutrinos etc which is released when they collide with each other

  66. Luca Porcelli says:

    Derek thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, u made science interesting and u also taught me the English language sharing interesting topics in a funny way. i owe you a lot.

  67. Science Revolution says:

    Why electron and proton don't stick together under electrostatic attraction force? What force/mechanism can separate opposite charged particles?

  68. Science Revolution says:

    What is energy? Where is the energy the Sun produced in the past? Fusion is impossible. Scientists don't know why electron and proton in hydrogen atom don't stick together yet, all theories about atom, matter and energy are BS.

    It is important to realize that in physics today, we have no knowledge of what energy is. We do not have a picture that energy comes in little blobs of a definite amount. It is not that way. -Feynman

    All these fifty years of conscious brooding have brought me no nearer to the answer to the question, “What are light quanta?” Nowadays every Tom, Dick, and Harry thinks he knows it, but he is mistaken. – Einstein

  69. Albertus Magnus says:

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  70. Wadeea Khalaf says:

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  71. Lisa Daxer says:

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  87. tannerotis says:

    There is no fuel burning in the sun, it’s a electro magnetic energy. This experiment with the balls is not applicable to the molecular level because this is not testable or repeatable and has never been seen like you show it. Don’t believe me ask Eric dollars, or the gang at the Thunderbolts project. They are scientist who do the work not theorize stuff and call it truth.

  88. Mukull Sirohi says:

    These are so stupids but still all new discoveries come from there only.
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  89. lenny108 says:

    The sun burns every second 5 million tons of fuel. When calculating the mass of the sun it comes out that the sun would have gone dead already long ago. So the ancient Vedas give the explanation, the sun gets energy from outside the universe. That's why the sun is not turning into a pile of ashes.

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    You are wrong as was Einstein. The Sun is fueled by electric current from the galaxy. It made up of metalized liquid hydrogen. The electric current creates glow mode plasma. The corona holes on the Sun are areas where there are no anode tufts so this plasma is in dark mode

  97. robertbuckly76 says:

    The SAFIRE project recently tested Ralph Jurgens electric sun model and found no disparities between their results and the model effectively proving the theory in a laboratory. Check out Wal Thornhill’s thunderbolts project on YouTube!

  98. Lonan • says:

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  99. abdullahi iliyasu says:

    If the sun is always losing mass which is converted to energy, then why is it's size not reducing?
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