Who Really Invented The Lightbulb?

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Hey i’ve got an idea! Let’s talk about the lightbulb! It’s said that Edison tried 1000 times before
he invented what we think of as the light bulb today. And in fact, Edison’s labs probably
blew up more like 3,000 or 6,0000 ideas before they landed on something they could use! But
did he actually invent the lightbulb? Nope. The electric lightbulb was already a huge
thing by the time Edison even tried his hand at it. He didn’t invent it, so much as…
improve it. Before him were guys like Humphry Davy, Alessandro
Volta, and Joseph Swan who all made incremental improvements, like using a copper wire in
a vacuum sealed glass container. In fact these guys had been working on the lightbulb 70
years before Edison! What Edison did was invent a practical, affordable
light bulb. After thousands of tries to find a filament that didn’t burn too fast, he
and his colleagues settled on bamboo in 1879. yeah that stuff that powers pandas, powered
one of the earliest light bulbs. Of course we know today, that may not have
been the best design. Researcher’s later discovered Tungsten filaments in 1910, which
is still the model used in incandescent bulbs today. So why does Edison get all the glory? It may
have actually been because he developed a whole suite of inventions to make use of the
lightbulb, like a electrical generators, wires to carry that electricity and conduits! Basically
all the stuff to make that light bulb work. Like this video on lightbulbs? Check out this
video on how planes fly.

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