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Topic: Light and Sound. Why do we see lightning before thunder? Don’t go out tonight. A huge storm is coming. Look at the weather outside. See, there’s a huge lightning strike. Now, very soon, you are going to hear some thunder. I told you. Don’t get scared. It’s just thunder. Do you know why you saw the lightning before you heard the thunder? I will tell you. An interesting fact is that lightning and
thunder occur at the exact same time. Then why do we see lightning first? This is because light travels faster than
sound. The speed of light is 300 million meters per second while the speed of sound is only 340 meters per second. Thus, the light from the lightning travels
much faster to our eyes. As a result, we first see the lightning, shortly followed by the sound of thunder.

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    Make video of erosion


    u people are awesome…developing curiosity in all….. thanks and keep educate us…

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    please upload ur videos like the old one like global warming one please
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    can you make a video on animal reproduction? I mean how reproduction takes place in dogs, cats etc. Is there more than one type?

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    gwapo ang inyong pas pangit

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    Please make a video on speed and velocity

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    may u tell us which type of software u use to make such good animation

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    Please please please. send the video of three types of rocks

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    Great education for everyone explains and has a good diagram for the younger ones

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    Actually light travels 300,000 KM per second

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    Nice video, Ha Ha Ha!

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    smart learning for all please tell how do cyclones ,heavy rain , earth quake ,volcanic eruption and droughts occur?

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    Pls tell how drinking of water help to prevent pimples

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    Because if you listen the song Thuner From Imagine Dragons It will say I was lightning before the thunder.

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    Also make a video on what causes lightning and thunder

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    O i think i don't know this after it i have known that I know this it comes from eco

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    Why do we see lighting before thunder?
    me : because our eyes are in front and ears are back. 😂😂

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    I am addicted to the awesome aumsum

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    Lightning and the thunder(the song)

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    Why do we see lightning before we hear thunder?Easy….it just lag

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    How Thunder forms

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    very nice

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    My dad thought that it was just rocks rolling under the Earth.

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    Oh it might because of light travels faster than sound

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    Thats okay if he did not go outside he will not discuss it

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    But sound speed depant into a temperature also

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    Tell me how does lightening occurs

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    Please make a video on ' how thunderstorm causes '.

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    I thought it was because of lag

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    why does lightning come before thunder?

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    I knew that light is faster than sound but not that much

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    because lag.

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    Now I know that the lightning followed by the thunder it is caused by travelling speed causing it to delay to hear that thunder!

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