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Topic: Nuclear fusion. Why is nuclear fusion not used to generate electricity? You really want to know the answer to this, right? But wait. Before answering the question, let us understand what is meant by nuclear fusion. When two lighter nuclei combine to form a heavy nucleus, a large amount of energy is released. This process is called nuclear fusion. Where does this nuclear fusion take place? You think that it takes place in a laboratory? No, you are absolutely wrong. Nuclear fusion takes place in the sun. The nuclei of two hydrogen atoms join together. To form a heavy nucleus of helium with the release of a large amount of energy. How do you think this energy reaches us? No. It does not reach us through power lines. Wait I will tell you. The energy released after nuclear fusion reaches us in the form of sunlight, ultraviolet radiations, heat, etc. Hey. But we are already producing electricity with the help of nuclear fission. So, why do we require nuclear fusion? For this, you need to first understand the
difference between nuclear fusion and nuclear fission. As we already know. Nuclear fusion is the fusion of two lighter nuclei with the release of a large amount of energy. The exact opposite process happens in nuclear fission. Here, a heavier nucleus splits into two lighter nuclei, releasing a large amount of energy. This process of fission is used in nuclear
power plants. Where a heavy nucleus of uranium is split into lighter nuclei. The energy that is released in this is used
to generate electricity. However, there is a major disadvantage of
nuclear fission. Wondering what it is? The major disadvantage is that uranium is
a radioactive element. When uranium undergoes fission, it generates radioactive waste along with energy. This radioactive waste is very harmful for
most lifeforms and the environment. Hence, we need to find a clean and safe source of energy to generate electricity. What source would that be? Would it be nuclear fusion? You are right. Then why are we not harnessing the energy of nuclear fusion to produce electricity? This is because, for nuclear fusion, two conditions are required. They are high pressure and high temperature. Only when these conditions are met, can the two nuclei travel at very high speeds resulting in collision. On earth, it is extremely difficult to create
such high pressure and temperature. Even if we are somehow able to create these conditions, the question is how will we control them? As there are many questions unanswered and unsolved. We have not yet succeeded in using nuclear fusion in the production of electricity.

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