Wie kann man von elektronischer Musik leben? Mit Basler DJ Dandara | Ampère | SRF Virus


Ampère asks the important questions in life. How can you survive just from electronic music in
Switzerland? Dandara is a world music producer from Basel. He plays around the globe but still says that not all that
glitters is gold. I am Dominik from Basel. I make music by the artist name Dandara. I am active as a DJ and mostly as a producer and I try to fill my life with it as good as possible. I guess the first milestone was in the very beginning. I was very lucky i got reposted by certain channels. Literally with the first song in the first week and I gained more followers over one month than ever before with any other project. I used to work as a teacher and wanted to take a break, have some time for myself and go travelling. When I returned I realised that I had so many requests with good fees, that I felt it would be enough to make a living. So I thought; that’s the best moment, I have no
responsibilities. Let’s do it. It was my dream to make this hobby my profession and in the beginning it was a very good feeling. I felt great, I could get up every morning and do whatever I wanted. I made so much music everyday and was fully inspired,
motivated. But that’s something that disappears relatively fast. It quickly becomes a habit and by now I have to say that I rather struggle with it. I am mostly having trouble trying to live a normale life. Everything is constantly about my musical project. Making your hobby a profession sounds great, but what many don’t consider – you lose your hobby. For many years music was what I did everyday. After work, after school, in every free minute I wanted to
make music and use my spare time for it. But now I have this free time all the time, constantly, and
have to try to use this time productively. Well in Switzerland it’s hard for me to get recognition. Also I never heard of anyone, except you are a world star, being a Swiss in Switzerland, except you’re doing dialect
music, to get the recognition you’re getting elsewhere. There are some people who think that I’m a star and earn – I don’t know how much money. I always have to show them that’s it’s rather the opposite. I live on a low budget. If I wasn’t playing internationally I wouldn’t stand a
chance to survive in Switzerland. My advice would be for one, to have a plan b, on which you can rely when it’s not working out. Advice number two would be: Not to have too many expectations how or what it could be once you get there. Take it as it comes and don’t be conceited on it. Advice number three: Try to live your life as you did
before. Don’t change your daily life based upon what you do.

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5 thoughts on “Wie kann man von elektronischer Musik leben? Mit Basler DJ Dandara | Ampère | SRF Virus”

  1. Shoks one says:

    Genau min musig stil und ich han en nonig kennt. Super iistellig, wo ich genau au han. Wenn au mitemne ganz langwilige bruef.

  2. Explore&Share says:

    Respekt 😽

  3. Dj ShAnkAri says:

    Glad for you! That's a real privilege nowadays to live by what you love! :))

  4. says:

    Incredible Work 👍

  5. Nils Peterhans says:

    wie heisst s lied bi 20s ?

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